How Progress, Impact, and Results are rooted in the same fundamental Leadership Ecosystem

Avoid bias from distractions

With increasing amounts of distractions, a solid and fundamental model helps focus our thinking on what really matters when it comes to connection our objectives with the HOW.

A mental model grows with usage

Repeated use of the same universal mental model helps accumulate learnings from one initiative to the next, and continues strengthening as complexity grows.

The Leadership Ecosystem remains the same

Aspiring & Young Leader

From expert in your field to a leadership role:
Learn the Fundamentals, and grow from there.

Mature Leader

Strengthen the base of leadership fundamentals before adding more sophisticated layers.

Senior Leaders & Leader's Leader

Help your managers develop - themselves and the continuous development of their teams.

Consultants & HR Professionals

In supporting change-initiatives and strategy execution, leave a solid mental model applicable even after you role is finished.

Apply the Leadership Ecosystem


The 10-page guide provides an introduction to the Leadership Ecosystem,
and helps you assess the fundamentals of your initiative.

About the author

What is it - deep down at a fundamental level - that makes or breaks an initiative?

Why do some initiatives become successful, whereas other initiatives leaves… 'learnings' (...with less talks about results).

With a background from the corporate world and driving international commercial and cross functional development in multinational companies, my search for answers to these questions lead to the writing of Leadership: Lesson One.

I believe that mastering the very fundamentals of whatever you are into is key to become better - also in leadership.

Morten Heedegaard
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The path to results through leadership begins at the fundamentals, and applies to everyday leadership considerations and decisions.

Hurry up Slowly

I don't believe in quick-fixes and silver-bullet solutions to problems.
That's why I encourage to Hurry up Slowly and get the fundamentals in place before adding further complexity to your leadership.

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