Mastering the Fundamentals

by Morten Heedegaard

The Leadership Ecosystem is the mental model
connecting WHAT to achieve with HOW to make it happen, and helps leaders manage the circumstances that enable teams to perform.

While running the daily business may be challenging in itself, driving development and change is key to achieve better results tomorrow.

As we act in unstable environments,
our beliefs and mental models
only become more important

Our Leadership Actions are rooted in our Leadership Beliefs

Hurry up Slowly

There are no quick-fixes to better leadership: It comes with a mixture of learning, trying, and reflecting.

This series of emails helps you go deeper:

Leadership Ecosystem

The 10-page guide introduces the Leadership Ecosystem and helps you assess concrete initiatives through the lense of the Leadership Ecosystem.

Learn by actually applying the Leadership Ecosystem to your initiative.


One-by-one, the Beliefs will explained and allow you to digest and reflect.

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The path to results through Leadership begins at the Fundamentals

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