Why and How Development, Improvement, and Change
should be on every leader's agenda

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About the book

Morten Heedegaard brings clarity to the fundamentals of igniting initiatives of development on a solid base, also applicable to finding the root cause to lack of progress in already running activities.

Link that to cascading of higher-level objectives into meaningful jobs for the team.

And start working consciously with your Leadership Footprint not only to deliver results today but to do it in a way helping to grow and deliver even better results tomorrow.

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A reader's feedback

Thank you for a very inspiring book.

It will for sure follow me for many years, serving both as inspiration and a reminder of things not to forget as a leader.


Going beyond the comfort zone of the Daily Business

Since most leaders are 'born' into leading day-to-day business challenges, many find it challenging to lead through development, improvement and change.

Despite Daily Business being the comfort zone of leadership, only by driving improvements, development, and change, you can improve results tomorrow.

About the author

Morten Heedegaard has extensive hands-on experience from multinational organizations, leading both day-to-day business teams as well as small and large development- and change intiatives across countries and functions.

The differenerences between leading day-to-day business and development initiatives triggered the writing of LEADERSHIP: LESSON ONE - focusing on the important development-side of the leadership role.

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