Leadership Lesson One

Results Your leadership is there to impact results. Today’s results arose from yesterday’s competencies. Tomorrow’s results will depend on your ability to grow competencies today. Great things are not done by impulse, but by series of small things brought together.   Leadership Leadership is individual for you. Effective leadership requires

The DNA of leading Daily Business

You may wonder why I think it’s worth looking into the DNA of leading the Daily Business, when my main focus is on leading development, change, and improvements. It’s all about having a base for comparison: By understanding the DNA of leading the Daily Business it will become easier to see

Finding time to drive development and improvement

…and why time is available You have a feeling of spending far too much time running the daily business and feel a lack of time to drive development and improvement initiatives? This common frustration is partly rooted in your continuous hunt for delivering on current expectations and help team members

Why daily business is the comfort zone

…and how leaders become leaders in the first place For majority of leaders, the path from being an employee to become first-time manager or leader has several commonalities which help explain why the daily business naturally takes so much focus and why business development seems so difficult. At a certain

Why you should love the problem before the solution

By nature, we tend to seek solutions to problems. But in solving often complex business problems, jumping too fast into idea-generation or solution mode may backfire. There is a good chance that you have been discussing and perhaps arguing with colleagues about how to solve a specific problem. You have

At the roots of execution

Execution is what turns strategies into results. And it is a very central part in what McKinsey defines as ‘Organization’s health’ *1: It’s the organization’s ability to align around a common vision,execute against that vision effectively,and renew itself through innovation and creative thinking. Yet, research shows again and again that

Birth of the book Leadership: Lesson One

Several people asked how the writing and publishing of LEADERSHIP: LESSON ONE happened. And I am happy to share that story: 2011: I started wondering After 10+ years as a leader, both leading teams and lots of projects, and some years on the management team of a Nordic/Baltic branded consumer