Leadership Beliefs


Leaders are ultimately responsible



Leadership is there to impact results.

Great things are not done by impulse,
but by series of small things brought together.

Tomorrow’s results depend on your leadership today.



Leadership is individual and very personal.

Leadership theory has no value, it's how you practice that counts.

Leadership skills evolve on the basis of understanding the fundamentals.


The fundamentals

Leadership is the continuous act of balancing
WHAT to achieve and enable HOW to make it happen.

If you do not know WHAT you aim to achieve
you can never convince a team to join you on the journey.

Excellence in the HOW drives performance towards leading edge.

Additional Resources cannot make it up for lack of Competencies.



True leaders take the blame; the team always gets the fame.

The best culture is a culture where people are obliged to
learn from the mistakes that undoubtedly will happen.



Your leadership leaves a footprint of either short-term day-to-day results
or a longer term impact on the organization's ability to perform better in the future.

Helping people grow into their potential
is one of the biggest and most rewarding accomplishments you can make as a leader.