Leading Development and Change

In the day-to-day running the business we tend to focus on KPIs and processes.

In developing the business, leadership is about direction and ambitions for the development, and about resources and competencies.

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You cannot force progress, but you can ENABLE it

Results = Direction x Action

Balancing the Direction (WHAT to achieve) and the Actions (HOW to make it happen) remain the fundamental and actionable base for great achievements.

Altogether, there are 4 elements in the What-How Ecosystem, enabling teams to execute.

Unlike when running the business, development projects are not linear, and it requires continuous consideration and balancing of the 4 elements for development and change initiatives to succeed.

The 4 fundamental enablers

Your view on WHAT to achieve

If you don’t know where you want to go, you can never convince the team to follow you on the initiative.

The team aligned on WHAT to achieve

If someone goes in another direction, progress will slow down.

Right Competencies: HOW to make it happen

Skills makes or brakes progress. Train to close the gab.

Ensuring right Resources: HOW to make it happen

People, Time, and Money.

In the right mix.

It's both the solution - and the reason for failure

Achieving progress and results require a good balance of the 4 enablers. If one enabler is out of sync, progress will be limited and your initiative will not make it as planned.

Checking the 4 enablers is like measuring the temperature on your task, project or team. It is not a one-time excercise, but the fundamental framework to keep alive continuously throughout your development initiative.

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The 4 fundamental enablers behind leading development and changed are explained here.

And you can learn and apply them to your situation through 4 challenges - one for each enabler