Work with Morten

Morten Heedegaard works with leaders and leadership teams on defining, planning and executing development and change initiatives.


Advisory & Leadership-support

Morten supports leaders and leadership teams facing the struggle that day-to-day business absorbs energy from driving development and change.

He helps facilitate the journey from identifying the need for development through defining and planning initiatives, and he works with leaders and managers on driving projects and initiatives through to execution and harvesting of results.

Morten is an experienced Advisory Board member, contributing with the leadership side of development and change with emphasis on commercial and value stream related topics.

Speaking & Workshops

Morten gives insiprational speaches for smaller or larger teams of leaders, and is an experienced workshop facilitator helping to translate words into actions and results.

Morten provides inspirational key notes on several topics related to development, change, and leadership, including:

»  Executing: It begins with leadership & the leadership team

»  Creating the framework for the team to execute

»  Why organizations fail in strategy execution


Project Leadership

When initiatives are larger or more complex that the existing leadership team can mange, Morten acts as a part-time or temporary/interim project leader.

In many cases, a full-time project leader can be ‘too much’, and Morten is highly experienced in part-time support over shorter and longer periods of time, both on-site and off-site. Morten is experienced in co-leading projects at multi-national scale without physical presence, only using digital channels and Skype meetings.


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