Leadership skills evolve on the basis of understanding the fundamentals

If you want to learn math, begin with 1+1=2

You sometimes hear or read people saying that some people are born to be leaders, and others don’t have the skills or capabilities to become leaders.

First of all, I don’t think that debate is that interesting. I think the reality is somewhere in between.

What I care most about is how you can build and grow from the base that you have no matter whether that is high or low or whether there is a base at all – it’s not that interesting – it is about how you can grow.

And that means how can you improve your skills – that is the interesting part here.

This is very much like any other thing in the world that you want to learn: when it comes to mathematics, if you don’t understand the basic principles of plus and minus, the rest doesn’t matter, you’ve got difficulties understanding more sophisticated models in mathematics.

If you are playing tennis or golf, it is fundamentally to learn how you hold the thing – the racket or the club that you have to play. If you don’t get those fundamentals in place, then your chances of really becoming a master are rather limited.

And it’s the same in leadership.

The leadership skills that you are building and growing from whatever base you have, they constantly evolve on the basis on also the fundamentals – just like in golf, tennis, and mathematics.

There are a number of fundamental elements in leadership that needs to be understood and mastered, and I think once you understand those, then you can gradually refine and practice further sophisticated elements on top of that.

But leadership skills evolve fundamentally on the basis of understanding the fundamentals of leadership.

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