How progress, impact, and results

are rooted in the fundamentals of leadership

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About the book

LEADERSHIP: LESSON ONE is about the fundamental ecosystem enabling progress towards results.

It helps shape, lead, and continuously calibrate the fundamental enablers behind progress of initiatives and projects on a daily basis.

The path to results through leadership begins at the very fundamentals, and applies to everyday decisions across the full leadership journey:

A reader's feedback

Thank you for a very inspiring book.

It will for sure follow me for many years, serving both as inspiration and a reminder of things not to forget as a leader.



Planning the execution of strategic initiatives, new directions, and projects.


Getting initiatives started, linking planning to execution.


Continuously adjust as the intiative is progressing.

Evaluation & learning

Going to the root cause to understand why or why not things working out well.

About the author

Morten Heedegaard has extensive hands-on experience from multinational organizations, leading both day-to-day business teams as well as small and large development- and change intiatives across countries and functions.

The differenerences between leading day-to-day business and development initiatives triggered the writing of LEADERSHIP: LESSON ONE - focusing on the important development-side of the leadership role.

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