Leadership is individual and very personal

Leadership only comes from one place: Inside yourself

If I should put some words on what leadership actually is, then I would say it is a setting for people to have interactions.

It is a setting for people to be together and talk about things, just like you are together with your friends and your family. And that means at the end of the day, leadership is something very individual, and it is something very personal as well.

If you are putting on a mask for 8 hours a day when you are acting as a leader and using that mask to take your leadership role, then I would say that you simply cannot be authentic and trustworthy to the people that you are working with.

Leadership needs to come from within yourself, it needs to come from your brain, from your heart, and it cannot come through things that appear or feel artificial to you in your way of behaving.

The implication of that is also that leadership takes time to develop.

Some people say that some people are born leaders, and others not born leaders. I’m probably somewhere in between, because I think with the right tools, techniques etc you can gradually – through experience first and foremost – you can build and learn leadership. But I would say that the main way of becoming an effective leader is through practicing. There is no shortcut to that.

And no matter what you do and what you learn, it still needs to come from within yourself in order to be authentic.

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