Helping people grow is one of the most rewarding accomplishments

What makes me happy

One of the things that I find most rewarding when it comes to leadership is when you can see that you have had a positive impact in terms of helping people grow into their potential.

This can be ranging from the young person that comes into your organization, maybe newly graduated, gradually figures out how it is to work in an organization and starts taking over tasks and small responsibilities for him or herself.

It can also be situations where you have people on your team who are being promoted into a managerial role and help that person get on board from being let’s say an expert or whatever it is into leading other people, finding ways of doing that, becoming comfortable with not doing everything themselves, but leading through others.

I think watching those improvements or developments that you can see in the way that people are living their lives and how they are acting in business life – I think that is one of the most rewarding accomplishments that you can actually do as a leader.

It takes time, it’s not something that you can do over night. It requires consciousness in terms of how you see people and how you see both their willingness and ability to develop. But once you start those small movements where you take people gradually outside their comfort zone, see them stumble and fall, get them to raise, talk about the learnings, see them do it themselves the next time and coming back with a success – that for me is just so great.

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