Leadership is there to impact results

Motivation is a natural consequence of leadership when done right, and that leaves leadership with one purpose: To make results.

One element to get clear when it comes to leadership is that leadership is actually there for one purpose.

Leadership is there to make results.

You can have lots of discussions about the role of motivating people, driving progress but at the end of the day there is ultimately one purpose of leadership and that is to drive results.

When it comes to what some people say it is also about – motivating people – there is a clear link between those because ultimately the reason why people go to work, the reason why people start doing things is because they want to make a difference.

And the way people can make a difference is to play an important role in the results that your organization or your business or your company is about to achieve.

That’s why the motivational factor is built in to being a part of making results.

So motivation is an outcome of being part of something bigger than what you can achieve individually.

And that leaves leadership actually at a pretty simple place: It is ultimately about creating results for the organization and the business that you are in.


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