Additional Resources cannot make it up for lack of Competencies

More hands ≠ More brain power

In this continuous balancing between WHAT you aim to achieve and on the other side enabling the team to make it happen, you often end up in the discussion and consideration about resources.

And resources is a very broad word covering both the time aspect – more or less time to get the thing done – the money aspect: Can more money help complete the thing? Or the people aspect.

And I think there is an underlying element to the whole thing which is not just about Resources, but even more about competencies.

Because at the end of the day, if you have a team working on something, and you give them another 2 months to get it completed, but they don’t have the right Competencies, you take a risk of ending up where you don’t want to.

At the same time if you give yourself more budget to get thing done – if the people available to complete the task don’t have the right skills and competencies to actually make it happen, you are not getting anywhere.

And that is why I think that before starting any discussion about more people, the first question to ask is: Do we have the right Competencies? And what are the kind of Competencies needed to get the thing done?

Simply because just adding more Resources cannot make it up if you have lack of Competencies.

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