Excellence in the HOW drives performance towards leading edge

Continue refining what already works

Starting again from the point that leadership is fundamentally about the balance between WHAT you aim to achieve and on the other side HOW to make that happen and orchestrating teams to do that.

If you drill a little more on the HOW side, you will see that the source and roots into achieving leading edge performance actually come on the HOW side.

When you look to for instance Amazon and how they have become as big as they are, I think one of the secrets that they have is their ability to continuously use and refine and work with the ways that they are using their customer data to refine the offers, to refine the way their website is working etc.

When you look to a classical master piece in music and you give that to an average orchestra, you will probably get a decent sound of that. If you give it to one of the leading orchestras in the world who has mastered the art of HOW to play classical music, you will get a leading edge superior performance form that orchestra.

If you look to Toyota and the way they are manufacturing their cars and the whole concept of lean and how they have orchestrated that into a world movement in terms of lean, is all tying into the context of HOW to make things happen that has driven leading edge performance.

And that is why I think in terms of leadership in general, the focus on WHAT you aim to achieve – yes, that is important – but the work and focus on continuously refining HOW things are being done is where you find the source to achieve leading edge performance.

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