Tomorrow’s results depend on your leadership today

Leadership impact has a delay - it's worth the waiting

There is a self-contradicting element in leadership, and that is when it comes to patience.

The reality is that leaders are not the people who are actually performing the jobs, doing the change, and making things happen. Leaders are the ones orchestrating others and first and foremost enabling others to make great things happen.

This means there is a time gab between what you as a leader are doing and when the impact of what you are doing actually shows. And that time gab relates to the amount of time it takes for the message to settle with the people that you are working with and for them to take the actions, which may take short or long time, and finally to see the impact of that.

At the end of the day this implies that the results you are having today come from the leadership you have applied in the past.

And this is also why the effort of taking a look in the mirror - looking at your leadership today - is pretty crucial because the results you will be getting next week, next month, or next year are coming back to the leadership that you are applying today.

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