Leadership theory has no value, it’s how you practice that counts

Leadership is learned through practicing

There are so many different schools, models, and theories that you can learn when it comes to leadership.

Many of them are built on psychology, research, insights, and teaches models and other behaviour related stuff that you can go and do in your own leadership.

I think there is ultimately one school that matters in leadership, and that’s the school of reality.

And it is coming back to what I have talked about before that leadership is something very individual and personal.

And that means that the theory as such really has no value – it’s how you practice that counts.

You can read the best theory, you can read the best model, and you can think in your own head that you know the model and you know the theory.

It is through the actions and learnings that you are getting from the interactions with other people – based on your actions - that actually give you the insights and the learnings and the skills that build your skills.

And that is back to the value of theory is down to how much you practice and learn from it to apply in your own leadership.


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