It all originate from fundamental principles and models

In leading projects and line organizations at international scale, I had a need for understanding the underlying drivers or blockers behind successful and less sucessful initiatives.

Building on my passion for removing complexity and boiling things down to the core, I found the rootcauses to be very fundamental to any aspect of leadership.

Removing the noise and complexity from leadership is the first step in helping leaders focus on the few essentials that make or break initiatives.

If that core is not in place, more sophistication adds no value.

Morten Heedegaard

Mastering the fundamentals of Leadership for results


From an aspiring or informal leader through middle managment roles and into senior leadership positions - the fundamentals of Leadership remain the same.

From an aspiring or informal leader through middle managment roles and into senior leadership positions:

The purpose of Leadership remain the same.

Hi, I'm Morten

This is my space for sharing stuff in the intersection between Leadership, People, Progress, Projects, Problem Solving, Impact, Results.

The site is named after my book Leadership: Lesson One - Mastering the Fundamentals of Leadership. Introducing in there the Leadership Ecosystem, the mental model for you as a leader to manage the circumstances that enable teams to perform.

I've gradually been building my Leadership Beliefs - these eternal truths underneath the day-to-day navigation that help contribute an even better tomorrow, both for peers, colleagues, team members and the business you are in.

The Leadership Ecosystem

The mental model to continuously enable and unlock progress and results

Performance happens in a dynamic ecosystem between leadership, objectives, and teams.

The Leadership Ecosystem helps leaders focus and steer on the core enablers for their teams to perform.

Solid mental models appear simple
compared to the benefits they offer


WHAT to achieve and
HOW to make it happen


teams to make things happen
that lead to results


sense when performance
might be at risk


a common language with peers and managers for
stimulating progress and performance


from past experiences
both the good and less successful

Separate noise

from real signals that influence performance

Make your own assessment

Download the 10 page introduction to the Leadership Ecosystem, guiding you to make a first assessment of your initiative.

Read the book

Leadership: Lesson One provides indepth walk-through of the Leadership Ecosystem with guidance and questions helping to apply it and to benefit from it in everyday leadership situations.

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More about the book

About Morten

It began with my search for answers to two simple questions:

What is Leadership? How to do it?

By gradually removing the noise from leadership, the Leadership Ecosystem evolved: At the core of what leadership is about, we are down to the few components that make the difference and works as a mental model across leadership levels and organizational structures.

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Beliefs behind the Leadership Ecosystem

Our thinking and actions are steered by our fundamental beliefs about how the world operates.

There is a range of core beliefs behind the Leadership Ecosystem - two of them are: