Basic principles

Basic Principles of Leadership A set of fundamental principles and their implications on leadership. While this may look like fancy one-liner quotes, the implication and value behind each is explained here. Listen as Podcast: Apple … Read more

The DNA of leading Daily Business

You may wonder why it’s worth looking into the DNA of leading the Daily Business, when my main focus is leading development, change, and improvements. It’s all about having a base for comparison. By understanding … Read more

Why daily business is a bad comfort zone

…and how leaders become leaders in the first place For majority of leaders, the path from being team member to become first-time manager or leader has several commonalities which help explain why the daily business … Read more

At the roots of execution

Execution is what turns strategies into results. And it is a very central part in what McKinsey defines as ‘Organization’s health’ *1: It’s the organization’s ability to align around a common vision, execute against that … Read more

The purpose of leadership in 2 sentences

Why being a leader vs. why we need Leadership? I often hear the same story from leaders: When promoted into their first leadership position, several big questions arise, and a famous one is: What is … Read more

What Footprint do you leave as a Leader?

You always leave a footprint Wherever you walk, you will always leave a footprint. Some sort of mark that indicates you were here. Leaders also leave footprints – consciously or unconsciously – and these footprints have … Read more